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The Deconstruction of the First Verse of Tag Team’s 1993 Hit “Whoomp, There It Is” By A Guy Who Asked You To Bring Him Some Beers

by gwolinetz on August 8th, 2013

Tag Team. Back again – it is questionable as to what they’re back from, as this song is the first and only hit that these two yo-yos ever had. Perhaps they’re back from a local convenience store with the beers that I asked for, although I don’t see no beers around here.

Check gets the records. Now, let’s begin – someone has procured the music that will allow a party to commence. However, one has to wonder how there will be a party without any beers.

Party on, party people. Let me hear some noise – they seek to encourage the partying by inviting the congregants to get louder. If someone had just come back with my beers, I’d have given them a standing ovation

DC’s in the house. Jump, jump, rejoice – DC is one of the yo-yos in the group. His actual name is Cecil, which means he made a pretty sound choice opting to be known as DC. Somehow, Cecil’s in the house doesn’t really do it. Although, I’d certainly rejoice if I had some beers.

There’s a party over here – presumably with beers.

A party over there – same as above

Wave your hands in the air – this being a gesture of excitement brought on by the music being played at either the party over here, the party over there or both parties. If you’re going to wave your hands in the air, please do not do it while holding my beers.

Shake your derriere – and by this, they mean dancing. You know what goes great with dancing? Beers.

These three words when you’re gettin’ busy – “gettin’ busy” is slang for sexual intercourse, and nothing paves the way to sexual intercourse better than beers.

Whoomp, there it is – this is four words

Hit me – I would love to. Where do you live?

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