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Why Life In 2010 Sucks

by gwolinetz on February 11th, 2010

When I was in elementary school, we had two distinct February holidays: Lincoln’s Birthday (celebrated on or around February 12) and Washington’s Birthday (celebrated on or around February 22*). This meant that we had two four-day weeks back to back. It was freaking awesome.

*So, Washington was actually born on February 11, but he was born before we adopted our current calendar, so his birthday got adjusted 11 days when we move to the Gregorian calendar. Don’t say that I never taught you anything.

Somewhere along the line, someone concerned with productivity, efficiency or some other nonsense decided that we were having too many days off in February and merged the two holidays into President’s Day.* That’s total crap. What’s the real harm in having an additional, free day off? Is that additional 9 hours of work (6 hours at the Post Office, DMV or other governmental service) really hitting the bottom line that hard?

*By the way, we all know this should be Presidents’ Day, right? I’m just saying

Especially in a week like this, where there’s tons of snow on the ground here, and we could all go out and enjoy it.

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