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Stop The World, I Want To Get Off

by gwolinetz on March 5th, 2009

OK, this one made my eyes bleed. From the New York Times:

A 9-year-old girl who was carrying twins, and whose stepfather is suspected of raping her, underwent an abortion on Wednesday despite complaints from Brazil’s Roman Catholic Church.

It goes on to say that the girl was 80 pounds and in her 15th week of pregnancy. There’s literally smoke coming out of my ears, because my brain is having trouble processing all of this. Apparently, in Brazil, abortion is illegal, but the courts can rule that you can get one if the fetus isn’t viable or the mother may be in danger. Now, this is just me, but if a 9-year-old carrying twins doesn’t meet the second criterion there, then I’m going to have to re-evaluate my whole worldview.

Secondly, even for a 9-year-old carrying twins, isn’t 80 pounds a little bit heavy? I’m a dude, was always on the north side of the 50th percentile for people my age while growing up, and wasn’t close to 80 pounds in the 4th grade.

Thirdly, how do you let your 9-year-old get to 15 weeks pregnant? Where’s the mother? How did the judge not rule on this sooner? Who fell asleep at the wheel here?

Finally, the archdiocese of of the region came out and said that “the girl should have carried the twins to term and had a Caesarean section. ‘It’s the law of God: Do not kill,’ he said in comments reported by the newspaper O Globo.”

Now, I get that the Catholic Church isn’t bonkers about abortion or birth control or really confronting any kind of sexual issue at all. Fine. But I love how they can completely overlook how unnatural it is for a 9-year-old to give birth to children that were put inside of her by a sexually deviant stepfather who apparently can’t keep his hands off of (primarily) pre-pubescent girls. You think it was god’s will for little girls to get violated by grown men that don’t know how to control their pecker? I’d like to get god on the horn and find out his feelings on this one, because I’ll bet he’s more flexible than the Catholic Church on this one.

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