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A Collection Of Happies

by gwolinetz on July 14th, 2008

I don’t know what this means, but Woody Guthrie was born on Bastille Day. Not on the actual day, of course. That would make him very old, if he were even still alive at all.

Woody Guthrie played a guitar with a sticker that said, “This machine kills fascists.” That’s so deliciously 1960s optimistic that it tickles me somewhere unmentionable.

As for Bastille Day, it’s basically the last time the French fought with any kind of success, so they deserve to have a day to recognize it. I kid the French. Why? Because I love. The sense that I get is that it functions as their Independence Day, and good for them. If there’s anything that the French need, it’s more days off.

Happy Bastille Day! And also, Happy Birthday, Woody Guthrie!

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