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Like Sleeve of Wizard

by gwolinetz on December 26th, 2007

Turns out there won’t be a Borat II. From

Sacha Baron Cohen has ditched his hapless alter-ego Borat following the phenomenal success of movie Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan.


But Cohen has decided to officially retire Borat – because the character is now so well-known, he’ll never fool anybody into believing he’s a real person again. Cohen says, “When I was being Ali G and Borat, I was in character sometimes 14 hours a day, and I came to love them, so admitting I am never going to play them again is quite a sad thing. It is like saying goodbye to a loved one. It is hard, and the problem with success, although it’s fantastic, is that every new person who sees the Borat movie is one less person I ‘get’ with Borat again, so it’s a kind of self-defeating form, really.”

A quick message to all of the redneck idiots that filed a lawsuit against Cohen because he “tricked” them into showing America what redneck idiots they are: Thanks for ruining Christmas.

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