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An Odd Memory That Just Popped Into My Head

by gwolinetz on December 3rd, 2007

About 6 years ago, I went out to this bar in the meatpacking district (I can’t remember the name of it, though I’m pretty sure it had a number in it. Either way, it’s probably closed by now, because nothing like that ever stays open for more than a couple of years). My friend was throwing a party there, so we had the whole downstairs to ourselves. There was the usual senseless debauchery and some debauchery even more senseless than that, and eventually it was time to go.

I’m on my way out of the bar and I look to my left and by the door with a beer in his hand and a cigarette hanging off of his mouth (this was before the smoking ban was in effect in NYC) was Macaulay Culkin. I’m never starstruck and I certainly wasn’t in the face of that schmuck, but I remember thinking to myself, “The kid that was in Home Alone is standing right there drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette.” I was probably drunk (I was drunk a lot back then), but I remember having a lot of difficulty reconciling the fact that this dude was in a crappy Christmas movie for kids but also getting wasted in front of me. I stood there for a couple of minutes looking at him, and I remember wanting to tell him to go fuck himself, but I didn’t.

Everyone deserves some time off.

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